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Parbold Hill 24 hour Stretcher Challenge

A mental and physical challenge built on teamwork  

   Stable Lives is a registered Community Interest Company (not for profit organisation). All proceeds from our fundraising goes directly back into the company to support the work that we do with military veterans, Blue Light professionals and their respective families. We aim to provide a calm, supportive, natural environment where individuals and their families dealing with, or exposed to physical or mental trauma can come to feel safe when life’s challenges overwhelm.

Challenge information  

The walk will begin at 12.00pm on 27th October and finish on 28th October at 12.00pm.  The aims are twofold:  Firstly, to work in teams to carry a stretcher continuously up and down a footpath leading to the top of Parbold Hill. The stretcher symbolises our commitment to supporting those with mental health challenges and the 24 hour duration highlights the continuous challenges that those living with mental health challenges face.

Secondly, we would like everyone involved to embrace our objective of raising as much money as possible through sponsorship to support those affected by mental trauma and their families.

There are 3 ways to get involved:

1. Elite Squad – you stay up for the 24 hours

Join the 24hr relay. You will face a 1 hr 30m stretcher carry to the top of the hill and down again (3miles) alternating with another team. (i.e 1hr 30m walking followed by 1hr30m rest). Take into account the physical and mental challenge and whether you can even stay awake for that time! This will cost £25 and will include a goody bag*, drinks, breakfast, and a Hot Pot supper.

2. Gold Squad- individual members contribute for differing times over the 24 hours

Put together a team who can cover every trip up the hill. It might be 16 of you doing 1 trip each or 8 of you doing 2. Numbers don’t matter as long as a member of your team can cover each hour. This will cost £20 per team member and will include a goody bag* and drinks.

   3.   Individual Challenge. Just choose one trip up Parbold Hill or a selection of hours to suit you. It can be with or without a dog! This will cost £15 per person and will include a goody bag*.

How to support us:

Join in the team experience and raise your own funds through sponsorship or donate to our Just Giving page by searching for Stable Lives within crowdfunding.

How to register your interest:

If you would like to join in the fun then please contact us on email with your contact details and you will receive a return email with full details of the event.

Or you can ring us on (01257) 543053

* Goody bag includes: t-shirt, wrist band, water, sweets, equipment bag.


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